Monday, 11 November 2013

L-Bracket Gimbal & i-Power 8017 120T

The L-Bracket Gimbal using 4x L Brackets £13 (565g including fasteners). At 6mm thick they are strong & sturdy, less parts than the carbon tubes, still adjustable. Just need to decide on which motors, for mating part design config. I do not want to have to rewind, I expect that if a Motor is advertised as Alexmos Compatible & 5D should do the job, unless there is some small print I am missing. The iPower 8017 Motor(above) was modelled from photo's some details & measurements are pure guesswork, I could find no accurate dimensioned drawings of the motor. First design was a simple 2 axis one, using the 5208 motor, ideally if the 5208 is good enough for SLR I would prefer due to weight, but the 8017 looks really nice n slim, and still fits in with the designs dimensions. I will need figure out if suspending the camera at both ends will still be needed.

More Images on GrabCad

Saturday, 17 August 2013


With the FreeFly Movi Frenzy gripping the imagination, thought I would lay out some design. I wanted to go with 35mm Alu Tube, as I have a have some lying around, along with a few old cheap tripods I could cannibalize. Though 25mm 3K carbon tubes might make the rig a little smaller. I personally think the top handle arrangement would be better if I could make it with bike parts, or do away with it all together when used with the ISO Arm, will also have to look at the possibility of using 2x 15mm rails instead of one 25mm tube. Also the idea of a smaller, simpler 2 axis one.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

ISO-L8R 360

We are looking into making this arm compatible with MOVI or other Gyro Gimbals. .

Friday, 5 April 2013

SunStar i-bike Motor iSoL8R

Achilles Heel Clamp & Chain Guard Custom Heel Clamp inserts V-Block, C, & Figure hugging. Adjustable Tendon, available in Hex Bar or Round, Custom bands to order, but only for the fanatics. I only use the outer ring on my bikes, so I think I would prefer to have a chain guard than a derailleur & an internal rear gear hub, if gears are still needed. and based on this design, I am starting to dream of a direct drive chain guard, surely dyson could help?

Thursday, 14 February 2013

L0V♥ iT 8 - Febuary Fun with My Baby

February is here and Love is in the Air, my love affair with the Steadicam  and the Magic of Flight & the Magnetism of the Cinematic Image, Magic Hour & the Golden Ratio. Geometry & Mathematics.
Details...Details....more Details to follow.

L0V♥ iT 8- ion or Levitation, The Magic Cane was my first exposure to the wonder of Levitation, 
it looses a little bit of it's shine when you find out it's just some invisible threads holding it in the Air, but the real magic happens within the Center of Gravity, The Point of Equilibrium, Zero G.

The Stage is Set, for precise control

Friday, 1 February 2013

Modular Support System

A modular photo/video support system, designed for multiple configurations, depending on the needs of the camera operator & equipment used. These Images represent one of the many possible configurations of the system. Stay tuned for more details, or browse through the pages detailing the development of the design.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

ISO-L8R Camera Stabilizer

Design of the Bike has taken a back seat, while the Camera Stabilizer & additional support equipment has been top of the list of things to do. I would still like to build a working camera stabilizer from nothing more than standard bike parts, or should I say well chosen bike parts, a fun project with little or no machining needed.

Design Variations... detailed below are a few of the various configurations that could be available soon.
The desire to keep things simple while still offering maximum flexibility for alternate setup's.

  • The Stage is set for a new Camera Stabilizer System
  • Top Stage Options Micro Adjust Single or Dual Axis, Manfrotto Macro Sliding Plate or Dove Tail
  • Camera Plate / Multi Mounting Cheese Plate /15mm Rails
  • Docking Ring
  • Gimbal -  Kaydon Reali-Slim Bearing/ Alternate Inserts for Pole Options
  • Gimbal Quick Adjust Grip - Long & Short Versions,
  • Additional Rubber Grip Ring Above or Below Gimbal
  • Looking into the possibility of Gyro Trim/Pan Assist which could be attached to the fork mounting holes.
  • Luxury Ergo Fork or Functional Angel Fork with Mounting Holes,
  • Multi Angle Fork Handle or Moulded Fixed Angle Grip.
  • Aluminium Poles or 3K Carbon Fiber
  • System-8 Pole Clamps
  • Andriod Tablet IPS Monitor Mount
  • Tower of Babel Weight System
  • 15mm Rail Options

Mount holes on bottom flange