Tuesday, 1 January 2013

ISO-L8R Camera Stabilizer

Design of the Bike has taken a back seat, while the Camera Stabilizer & additional support equipment has been top of the list of things to do. I would still like to build a working camera stabilizer from nothing more than standard bike parts, or should I say well chosen bike parts, a fun project with little or no machining needed.

Design Variations... detailed below are a few of the various configurations that could be available soon.
The desire to keep things simple while still offering maximum flexibility for alternate setup's.

  • The Stage is set for a new Camera Stabilizer System
  • Top Stage Options Micro Adjust Single or Dual Axis, Manfrotto Macro Sliding Plate or Dove Tail
  • Camera Plate / Multi Mounting Cheese Plate /15mm Rails
  • Docking Ring
  • Gimbal -  Kaydon Reali-Slim Bearing/ Alternate Inserts for Pole Options
  • Gimbal Quick Adjust Grip - Long & Short Versions,
  • Additional Rubber Grip Ring Above or Below Gimbal
  • Looking into the possibility of Gyro Trim/Pan Assist which could be attached to the fork mounting holes.
  • Luxury Ergo Fork or Functional Angel Fork with Mounting Holes,
  • Multi Angle Fork Handle or Moulded Fixed Angle Grip.
  • Aluminium Poles or 3K Carbon Fiber
  • System-8 Pole Clamps
  • Andriod Tablet IPS Monitor Mount
  • Tower of Babel Weight System
  • 15mm Rail Options

Mount holes on bottom flange