Monday, 11 November 2013

L-Bracket Gimbal & i-Power 8017 120T

The L-Bracket Gimbal using 4x L Brackets £13 (565g including fasteners). At 6mm thick they are strong & sturdy, less parts than the carbon tubes, still adjustable. Just need to decide on which motors, for mating part design config. I do not want to have to rewind, I expect that if a Motor is advertised as Alexmos Compatible & 5D should do the job, unless there is some small print I am missing. The iPower 8017 Motor(above) was modelled from photo's some details & measurements are pure guesswork, I could find no accurate dimensioned drawings of the motor. First design was a simple 2 axis one, using the 5208 motor, ideally if the 5208 is good enough for SLR I would prefer due to weight, but the 8017 looks really nice n slim, and still fits in with the designs dimensions. I will need figure out if suspending the camera at both ends will still be needed.

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